I converted my Mustang Mach-E reservation to an order on June 27th. It took 7 days to get confirmation from my dealer that they accepted the order and 9 days for it to show up on my Ford.com profile.

During those 9 days, I sent many emails, called, and did a couple of web chats. My dealer was very unresponsive and did not have much information. I finally contacted the senior sales team and got a relatively quick response. I like to use email for stuff like this because it helps me document the dealer’s actions in case I have any problems later.

I also reached out to other Denver dealers and did not get back much info and there seemed to be a lack of enthusiasm about the Mach-E in general. Hopefully this situation improves quickly.

My advice, contact your local dealers before picking one when you place your order. See who is responsive and knowledgeable about the Mustang Mach-E.

And let me know what you find out! Are there any dealers that are doing a great job? Any that need to pick up their game?

Make a comment on the YouTube video and let everyone know!

List of Ford dealers that are not charging a markup: https://www.macheforum.com/site/threads/official-list-no-adm-mach-e-ford-dealers.95/

Mustang Mach-E help line: 800-334-4375 (Options 1, 3, 1)