Patrick Anderson

Technologist, Cyclist, Adventurer
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Living life, one day at a time

I’m just a guy that likes to have fun. For me, that means stuff like riding my bike, checking out the latest tech, exploring new cafes and coffee shops, listening to live music and more. Follow along for my own mix of adventure, useful tips, and opinions!

A little bit about me

I currently live in Denver, Colorado. Since I joined the Air Force in 1989, I have worked in the technology field. I have one son and last year I got married to a wonderful woman, Liv. I love to ride bikes and do Crossfit.

Recent Blogs

10 reasons to do Team in Training

I just signed up for the 2018 America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride, a 100 mile bike ride around Lake Tahoe in Nevada/California. It will be my 10th Century Ride donning a Team in Training jersey. My comments below are geared towards the Team in Training cycling program,...

The launch of Zealology

I'm excited to announce Liv and I are launching a new endeavor -- Zealology, LLC. We are striving to create products that mesh perfectly with an active lifestyle. Our first product, the Zealology Silicone Ring, is designed to be aesthetically-pleasing and slim,...


Over the years, I have uploaded lots of biking, concert, and other videos. Visit my YouTube channel to watch and subscribe.

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